Louis Tomlinson Gets a House For His Newborn Son’s Mother!

Louis Tomlinson
Louis Tomlinson recently became a father of a small boy and he has taken his responsibility by for example fixing a house for his baby’s mother, Briana, in Los Angeles.

However, it’s not a big luxury mansion that he has fixed, and he’s trying to keep the costs at a minimum – Briana has to, for example, buy her own furniture.

Louis rents a house a for himself that is close to Briana, so that he can visit his son on a regular basis – this house is way more luxurious according to TMZ.

Briana has told her friends that she’s not looking to use her son as a way to make money – as long as she gets what she’s entitled to, she’s happy. Good to see that they can take care of their business in a mature way – unlike many other in Los Angeles.

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