Top 5 PC Graphic Design Software for Graphic Design Enthusiasts

There are many graphic design software that graphic designers can use. However, not all are reliable and effective. Here are the best 5 graphic design software that you should get:

CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2017

CorelDraw Graphics Suite offers three tools namely CorelDraw, Corel Photo-Paint, and Corel Website creator. CorelDraw is a vector drawing program with the following features:

  • LiveSketch is a feature that offers a natural drawing environment where you can make smooth lines no matter our drawing style. This feature also eliminates the necessity for scanning and sketching.LiveSketch also works with a timer which lets you know how much time you have to modify your strokes before the sketched line is changed to vector points.
  • CorelDraw offers Tablet mode and it supports stylus, Surface Dial, and Surface Book.
  • It also offers smart nodes which enable fast editing. The size, color, and shape of every node can be customized through Options.

Photo-Paint lets you edit images from an easy-to-use interface. It has the following features:

  • The healing tool allows you to edit blemishes quickly.
  • The perspective correction tool helps you fix photo distortion.
  • Gaussian blur lens lets you blur parts of your photo constructively.

CorelDraw Graphics Suite also offers:

  • A font manager.
  • PowerTrace which converts bitmaps to vectors.
  • Capture for taking screenshots.


  • Excellent LiveSketch feature.
  • Great node editing.


  • Expensive.


CorelDraw Graphics Suite is ideal if you want all the tools you need for graphic design in one place.LiveSketch is one tool you will not be able to live without.

Corel Paintshop Pro X8

Corel Paintshop is a powerful image editing software with the following features:

  • Corel Paintshop has a manage section where you can access image previews, navigate folders, view different formats, and look at EXIF data.
  • Quickly edit your images from the Adjust tab. Here you can reduce noise, add effects, eliminate blemishes, or adjust color saturation.
  • The Edit section offers a customizable pallet stack, complementary colors, a layer pallet, text wrapping, and other cool features.
  • You can access the Learning Center for instructions on how to use the different features.


  • Versatile
  • Excellent editing features.
  • Attractive price.


  • Does not support Mac.


Paintshop Pro is ideal for graphic designers at all skill levels.

SerifDrawPlus X8

Serif DrawPlus is graphic design software with the following features:

  • A wide variety of illustration tools such as the pen which is used to create lines and curves and eliminate objects from busy backgrounds.
  • You can access different brushes or make your own custom brushes.
  • Serif DrawPlus offers tools to modify the gradient and opacity of objects and images.
  • It offers Pantone swatches.
  • You can access over 600 fonts or create your own.
  • It offers 3D effects which you can add to fonts or images.
  • There are over 40 filters for editing your photos. You can also color correct, make animated GIFs and create 2D designs.


  • Easy to use.
  • It offers lots of tools for graphic design.


  • No HDR imaging.
  • Old edits cannot be restored.


SerifPlus is ideal for online and print designs.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

Adobe Photoshop CC is one of the best photos editing software. Here is how it works:

To get started, you need a Creative Cloud account. To install this software, ensure that you have the resident Creative Cloud helper installed first. Adobe Photoshop CC requires a powerful PC, so make note of that. It is compatible with Windows 7 service pack 1 or later and OS X 10.9 or later.

When you begin working on a fresh image, this software will offer a dialog box with several templates such as photo collage layouts and textured geometric masks. You can also access more templates form Adobe Stock.The start page provides libraries, presets, personalized tutorial content, and recent files.

Adobe Photo CC also offers tools for photographers such as content-aware crop, face-aware liquify, and camera shake reduction.

You can filter searches for fonts that are similar to a font you have selected. You can also preview a font choice on your document and save some fonts as favorites.

Once you complete a project, you can post it on Behance for sharing and discussion among other designers.

Adobe Photoshop CC supports 3D printing and Fuse CC application. It also offers features such as keyframing and multi-track in video editing and export SVG and JPG files.


  • Excellent in manipulating photos and correction.
  • Adobe Photoshop CC is fast.
  • It offers content-aware editing.
  • You can access video editing tools.
  • It is integrated with Adobe Stock.


  • Expensive subscription assets.
  • Overwhelming interface.


Adobe Photoshop CC is ideal for graphic designers in need of a wide range of design tools and access to Adobe Stock.


Inkscape is open source (free) software for creating vectors. Here are its features:

  • It supports SVG format. It also imports PostScript, PNG, BMP, TIP, and JPG images and exports PNG and other vector-based formats.
  • Inkscape offers tools, paths, text, markers, clones, patterns, transparency effects, groups, gradients, and transformations for designing.
  • Inkscape supports features such as Creative Commons metadata, bitmap tracing, node editing, and direct XML editing.
  • Works with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating system.
  • Inkscape provides a lot of filters to use on images such as overlays, bevels, and textures.
  • It has a decent interface with tools on either side of the workspace.


  • It is open source.
  • It is expandable through extensions.
  • Inkscape has many editing tools to choose from.


  • Inkscape experiences some lag.


Inkscape is ideal for anyone looking for free and easy to use vector graphics software.



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